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We are not alone. Life DOES exist out there in the stars. We know this because they visited our planet. They gave us an option, join their empire, or be exterminated. We did not give in willingly at first, but then the Capital City of New Varon was wiped out.

An ancient race descended from a lizard-like creature, they care about one thing above all else, speed. We call them the Basalisks. They are mostly hands off in our affairs, except in one area...dispute handling. The Basalisks lust for speed has created a society where all disputes, whether they be local, national, or empire-wide are handled by racing.

The vast distances between the stars makes racing in person (or lizard) all but impossible. Their solution is to record ghost laps made by anybody and everybody and upload them to the Galactic Nebula for everyone to race against. The fastest times are used as the final decider in any disagreement or legal matter that may arise.

So choose your track, strap in, and race against other phantom racers from all across the galaxy. Make your way up the leaderboards, and maybe your lap times will be The Deciding Factor.


TheDecidingFactor.zip 14 MB

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Download TheDecidingFactor.zip

Simply unzip, and run TheDecidingFactor.exe

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